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Why pink Aurora?

Jess and Eva, the founders of Pink Aurora, are nature and animal lovers, having numerous house plants and animals of their own. One of Jess’ cats is named Pink, and one of Eva’s cats is called Aurora, evidently leading to – Pink Aurora Digital, a name that means a lot to us personally and inspired great branding.

We wanted to build an affordable web design and SEO agency for businesses needing to attract more customers or for people starting out their business adventures and requiring branding and an online presence.

Pink the cat, business name inspo, west yorkshire
Aurora the cat, business name inspo, west yorkshire


AKA "Roars"


AKA "Pinky Poos"

Aurora the cat, business name inspo, west yorkshire
Pink the cat, business name inspo, west yorkshire

Jessica Darnbrook

Managing Director & SEO Specialist

Hi there! I’m Jess, the owner and co-founder of Pink Aurora Digital. I’m a fun, bubbly person, that loves animals and watching crime documentaries and series. 

My career path has been an interesting one. After nearly a decade in the childcare industry, I decided to explore a new direction and started a job working for a website design and marketing agency. It was there that I discovered my passion for content creation and SEO as I progressed from Data Entry to Content Writer to SEO Executive, and I’ve never looked back. 

I am driven by my passion for quality and helping people. My focus at Pink Aurora is on creating well-designed, user-friendly, and affordable websites, as well as delivering SEO services to the highest standard.

Molly Finnigan

Website Designer

I’m Molly, a digital designer who loves colour, retro design, food, dogs (especially my Maggie), Yorkshire tea and the odd glass of wine! I love exploring, walking my dog, and curling up on the sofa. 

I’ve worked as a digital designer for six years in many different aspects of the industry. I gained my degree from Edinburgh University in animation and illustration. I’ve worked in all areas of the digital design industry, including digital learning, social media, motion graphics, marketing and website design. 

I love seeing a project to completion, seeing every detail, thinking of every avenue to explore and working with amazing businesses to promote what they do and bring their brands to life.