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Questions To Help You Analyse The Success Of Your Web Design Project

When your project is complete, it's important to analyse how the project went and what can be improved going forward. Here are a few questions to help you assess your project after completion.
  1. What was your overall design concept or inspiration for this project?
  2. How did you approach the design process? Can you walk me through the various stages?
  3. Were there any specific challenges you faced during the project, and how did you overcome them?
  4. Did you encounter any unexpected limitations or constraints that affected the final design?
  5. Can you explain your design choices and why they were necessary for achieving the project goals?
  6. What was your favourite aspect or element of the design, and why?
  7. Is there anything about the final design you would have done differently in retrospect?
  8. Did you consider any future scalability or adaptability in the design? Are there any features or elements that can be easily modified or expanded upon?
  9. Are there any specific maintenance or care instructions for the design elements or materials used?
  10. Do you have any recommendations for complementary or additional design elements that could enhance the overall project?
  11. Are there any particular design features or elements that you believe will have a lasting impact or contribute to the project’s success?
  12. Is there any additional documentation or information you can provide regarding the design, such as source files, colour palettes, or font choices?
  13. How do you suggest we evaluate the success or effectiveness of the design in the long term?
  14. How will you provide any ongoing design support or prepare for future projects with these clients?
  15. Can you share any client testimonials or references from previous projects demonstrating your design expertise and professionalism?

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