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Apple Hygiene is a family-run business based in Yorkshire that specialises in installing, supplying, and servicing sanitary units, nappy bins, and automatic air freshener units. They recognised the need to establish a strong online presence to reach a wider audience and enhance customer engagement. Their existing website did not effectively reflect their brand identity, leading them to come to us at Pink Aurora Digital.

 Apple Hygiene sought a modern and user-friendly website that would convey its commitment to hygiene excellence while incorporating brand identity elements, such as the fresh, crisp, and clean feel associated with apples. The primary objectives were to create a visually appealing website that accurately represented the brand and provided seamless navigation for users seeking information about their services. 

To align with Apple Hygiene’s brand identity, we incorporated vibrant green hues, crisp imagery, and apple-themed design elements throughout the website. – This ensured a visually appealing user experience that resonated with their target audience. Prioritising user experience, we developed an intuitive website layout with clear navigation menus, concise service descriptions, and prominent call-to-action buttons and we created a section to showcase Apple Hygiene’s range of services.

Recognising their localised service area, we integrated features such as interactive maps and localised content to emphasise their commitment to serving the Yorkshire community. This personalised touch helps establish trust and credibility among potential customers. We developed the website using responsive design principles to ensure compatibility across various devices and screen sizes. This optimised user experience regardless of whether visitors accessed the site on desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive service information facilitated conversions, expanding Apple Hygiene’s customer base and increasing inquiries for its services.

Overall, the collaboration between Apple Hygiene and Pink Aurora resulted in a successful website redesign that effectively showcased their brand identity, services, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Through strategic design choices and personalised features, the new website positioned Apple Hygiene for continued growth and success in the competitive hygiene services industry.

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